About us

We are not out to reform the world or nag you by pointing our fingers and shouting that eating meat is an evil habit. We just think we’re able to offer an excellent alternative to people who don’t want to miss out on the taste of a good piece of meat, but who would simply like to be more conscious about the food they consume. You do not have to be a health fanatic for that, but if we can all make the world a little more beautiful, just by eating a bit less meat, why shouldn’t we? Not because we have to, but just because we can.
Try it!

Our ingredients

Farming ingredients ourselves has the great advantage that we are less dependent on the supply of others. But even more importantly, this way, we are assured of a constant quality that meets the high requirements we have set ourselves.

Our taste

For us, the most important criteria when creating our assortment, are your daily routine and above all the taste. In our range there’s no exotic vegetarian alternatives, but a carefully selected choice of popular meat varieties with a Fabulous taste!

Our planet

With subjects such as the environment, healthcare and animal welfare, it is often presented as if there were both defenders and opponents. We at Fabulous Farm absolutely do not believe this. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t intend to live a healthier life, who is not fond of their own pet and who is not a little worried about the future of our children, given all the current climatic phenomena. Basically, we all care about our planet, so let’s just emphasize our similarities rather than our contradictions!