Spain’s favourite dishes

Spaniards increasingly eat healthier and are simplifying their menus at lunch and dinner. They tend to prefer prepared dishes and pasta, while they reduce meat, seafood, fresh fish and vegetables, as can be seen in the report on food consumption by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (2019).
In a previous report of the same ministry, a ranking of the most consumed dishes in Spain was presented. We would like to share this list with you.

The top 15

  1. Green Salad
  2. Pizza
  3. Tomato Salad
  4. Chicken breast
  5. Lentils
  6. Pasta soup
  7. Macaroni
  8. Hake
  9. Potato omelette
  10. Fried eggs
  11. Loin
  12. Green Beans
  13. French omelette
  14. Spaghetti
  15. Paella