What about soy and the tropical rainforest?

You may have heard that eating soy is bad for the environment, because large parts of the tropical rain forest are being cut down to make way for soy plantations.

This has given soy a “bad name”. However you do not have to feel guilty as a soy-eater because the claim is incorrect. More than 90% of the soy from South America is only grown as an ingredient for animal feed. Approximately 6-7 % of soy is used as a biofuel, so in the end only 3-4 % of soy cultivation in South America is used for soy products.

To give you an idea; for a regular meat burger 5 times as much soy is needed compared to a soy-based burger.

So, in fact our meat consumption is the main cause of deforestation.

In addition, almost all soy in South America is genetically modified soy, which in Europe actually is just used as animal feed. Although it is permitted to sell products with genetically modified soy in Spain and the rest of Europe, it is a legal requirement to state on the packaging that the product contains GMO soy.

Here at the Fabulous Farm we only use sustainable soy from South America, North America and Asia. The cultivation of this soy has no negative impact on the tropical rainforest and the soy is not genetically modified.

So it is a myth to think that you are contributing to the ruin of the Amazon by eating soy products, or should we say a fable….?